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By | March 6, 2019
WPX cloud

I’ve recently done an article for Bluehost which is another great web hosting company.

I personally believe if you’re “dipping your toes in the water” sort of speak then you won’t need anything more than what Bluehost has to offer because…well.. they’re cheaper.

WPX is great!! Just more suited for someone who already has 100s of unique visitors per day.

Name: WPX

Website: https://wpxhosting.com/

Price: $20.83

Owners: Terry Kyle

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

WPX, Product Overview

WPX Launched in 2013 by CEO Terry Kyle who’s been in the business since 1998 and owns several other tech companies. Their goal as a hosting company is to provide the best service at an affordable rate and they continue to work making sure that continues.

Me being a dog lover I was really impressed with Terry and his efforts when I found out he does what he can for the homeless dogs. His efforts help over 300 dogs a day in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Just look at that face!!

black dog with tongue out

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Gold level Scale

PRO #1 – 50% of your server’s resources are always available
PRO #2 – Free Google sponsored SSL Certificates
PRO #3 – 30-second support
PRO #4 – Free CDNs
PRO #5 – Move your site for FREE

The Bad:

CON #1 – Pricy for the beginner
CON #2 – Dashboards features are a little slim
CON #3 – Customer care is in English ONLY
CON #4 – No discounts on Domain Registration

Who is WPX For?

As I’ve said before I believe the services offered by WPX are best utilized by advanced web developers.

That’s doesn’t go to say you won’t be completely satisfied as a beginner. I know you will be. But if you can save a buck this is a good place to opt out of the expensive option while you’re still getting your feet wet.

WPX Tools & Training

Here’s a link to see the information simply laid out that will answer most any questions you may have about getting started. As well as a live chat with professionals waiting to solve your questions

WPX Hosting FAQ

WPX Support

3 support heads

This is one of the biggest problems with any hosting company is the response time and problem-solving from the support teams.

30 Second support clock

Not to worry with WPX they have one of the best support groups. Boasting their 30 second response time for opening a ticket or chat group. This is very impressive when you think about how many queries they could get on a daily basis with over a million customers.  

WPX Price


monthly Price Chart


Yearly Price Chart

My Final Opinion of WPX

Hard working CEO that enjoys the company of animals is a winner in my book! Like I’ve said, again and again, this may not be the beginners choice only because it’s not necessary to start out spending 20 bucks a month on hosting.

But for the daily blogger, you will find very impressive page speeds for your heavy traffic and an unmatched support team which is SUPER helpful when it means money slipping away because of issues online.  

Globe of WPX Cloud

WPX at a Glance…

Name: WPX

Website:  https://wpxhosting.com/

Owners: Terry Kyle

Price: $20.83

Overall Scam Rank: 95 out of 100


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  1. WPX Hosting

    Thank you for the review. Happy you like our service. What’s even better is that, yes, in fact you can contact Terry directly and ask him any business, SEO or marketing related questions.

    We also offer a Fixed For You guarantee and Done For You service, both of which are free and extremely popular with our customers.

    1. MJ Post author

      You are welcome and thank you, good to see you guys are still running a tight ship.

      If there’s ever anything you need from me just let me know I’ll be happy to assist in any way that I can.


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