What’s the good of keyword research if you have no experience?

By | March 18, 2019

What is it? Should you do it? Does it matter? All good questions when you’re embarking on the content development path. Keywords are basically common phrased or words used in a specific industry.

They are like buzz words or like hashtags form twitter can be keywords. There literally an infinite amount of keywords available in any given niche. So what’s the good of keyword research if you have no experience in the area? 

First What is it?

Keyword research is thinking about what someone would type into Google’s search bar (or Yahoo or Bing). Often time this will be in the form of a question.

So you want to write an article or blog about something then you would think of a short phrase or word that best describes what you are going to be writing about.

But your not the only one that’s written about it so, for example, tilting your article “Nike Shoes” will likely have many competitors already writing under that very same title. So you will have very little chance of your article getting seen by someone who’s typed Nike shoes into Google’s search bar.

We do Keyword research to find you a highly sought after word/phrase that no one’s written about.

It’s kind of like coming in through a secret entrance to a party. All the big names are already there but you can still get in because you have good content and you used it wisely.

Google loves when you fill a gap in their searches that people are asking and no one has answered. Because happy users always come back. And if the content you create is good you have little to worry about.

Should You Do It?

There is a both Yes and No answer to this.  No, because as I just said if your content is good then your users will come regardless whether it be through paid ads or you have built a following on social media.

So focusing too much on getting the perfect keyword may take away from what you’re trying to say. Because when it boils down to it all your phrases in that article are keywords.

But I say yes because it’s not only a great way to get new ideas for new articles but also if you don’t have any authority in your niche or your new and no one trusts you have valuable information yet then doing the research will be just one more step to getting online recognition.

Does it matter?

It matters to search engines. Google has an algorithm that ranks your site based on where your keywords are used like in the title or in your headings. Now, this is one of 200 variables in their algorithm.

So you can’t just take your keyword and stuff it into your article as many times as you want to hopefully get ranked for that keyword. This is called “keyword stuffing”.

Keyword stuffing

Best Keyword Writing Practices

It’s best practice to write your article to have your keyword in the title and once in the first paragraph. When it comes to metadata just once in the heading and once in the meta description.

That’s will be plenty for the search engines to find your keyword/phrase and rank your content under it.

Manual keyword research

You could do keyword research manually by typing your keyword into google with quotation marks around it and counting the number of search results that come after. This will give you the competition for that set of keyword/phrase.

To find out how many average searches is going to be much harder and more unreliable if you want to do it for free.

Keyword tools

There are many keyword tools to choose from. Some of them are free but they are mostly good for getting ideas for new articles.

They will not give you the important information like how much competition is connected to that keyword and some will give you a limited number of queries to how many searches that keyword gets per month.

These are a few programs to choose from

  • Jaaxy
  • SEM Rush
  • Keyword Shitter

I use Jaaxy for my Keyword Research

Jaaxy training video
How to use Jaaxy like a Boss

I use Jaaxy keyword research for several reasons.

They have an accurate system that displays results in seconds.

They offer an accurate free account for as long as you want but you will be limited to the number of searches.

Their platform is very simple to understand and use.

I get unlimited searches because I have a plan with Wealthy Affiliate.

Keyword research is an expensive commodity that many companies charge hundreds of dollars per month but Jaaxy upgraded plans only reach $49 dollars/month.

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