The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – A High-ticket product

By | March 23, 2019

Kudos to you for doing your research before buying that alone says a lot about you.

Scams definitely give the online world a bad name but people fuel those possibilities by not looking into where they are actually putting their money.

This is a big step when it comes to earning success in life. Being frugal with your funds is not something any financial coach is teaching.

Anyway, Stephan James claims to be providing a course that will elevate your financial status to a 5 figure income even with no experience in affiliate marketing. Let’s look to see if the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program is worth its salt or if it’s a scam.

Name: Affiliate Marketing MasteryWebsite:
Price: $1,997 split in 3 payments of $767
Owners: Stefan James Pylarinos
Overall Rank: 88 out of 100

Summary: Stefan has built a very comprehensive plan for getting started within the affiliate marketing industry. However, it’s way outside the price range of many who want to start but don’t have the near $2,000 to hand over. He’s placed this course for the business owners who already have a steady income but are looking to expand their portfolio but haven’t experienced the power of affiliate marketing.

The Good & the Bad

gold level scale

The Good:

PRO #1 – Owner is the face of the company

PRO #2 – Free Live Master class Webinar (Pre-recorded)
PRO #3 – No Required a time commitment
PRO#4 – Great Free starter information

The Bad:

CON #1 – It’s 2 grand!
CON #2 – Lacking tools to get started

What do I mean by the last “con” is you need to pay for more than just Stephan’s course to get started in Affiliate Marketing

Get all your tools and education under one roof and for only $49 bucks a month!

Who is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

This course is for any beginner looking to start affiliate marketing. As all affiliate marketing learning goes and I commend him for expressing that any program for success takes a “go-getter”.

I find that his target audience most likely is someone who has an online presence established but has not properly leveraged their full potential.

An example would be a small business that has a website and daily traffic but hasn’t tapped into the the use of affiliate marketing. Which in many cases can become more profitable than the business it’s self.    

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Tools & Training

project life mastery


What comes inside of your $1,997 Affiliate Marketing Mastery course:

  • 7 main training modules made up of over 70 step-by-step tutorial videos. That’s over 20 hours worth of content!
  • 90-Day Email Coaching Program
  • Downloadable PDFs (transcripts and summary for each of the lessons provided)
  • Weekly Webinars

The 70+ tutorials are broken down into these 7 categories:

  1. Strategy & Mindset (Introduction & getting your mentality right for affiliate marketing success)
  2. Niche Selection (How to find a profitable niche that’s suitable for you and how to find the right affiliate products to sell)
  3. Creating Your Online Brand and Presence (Set up your WordPress website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
  4. Quality Content Creation (How to create quality content that engages your audiences and builds a relationship to “pre-sell” your audience)
  5. Marketing Strategies (Strategies to gain traffic, subscribers, and followers for different platforms)
  6. Earning Revenue & Monetizing Your Traffic (Strategies to monetize your brand, traffic, followers and subscribers)
  7. Performance & Analytics (All about analytics, tracking, split testing and continuously optimizing for better results)


These are critical components of having a website online. As I’ve mentioned before not having the tools readily available to you is one of the key downsides to his course.

Here are a few fundamental tools for Affiliate Marketing:

  • Regestering your online domain or domains
  • Hosting provider
  • Keyword research for SEO
  • An autoresponder system for building an email list.

You will need to rely on other platforms to provide you with these extra expenses.


Support Icon

You can find help from their support team on Stephan’s website.

Also, there is an active group on Facebook that has friendly members willing to help answer any questions I’m sure you may have about his program.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Price

The price is nothing tricky at all you have one of 2 options:

  1. $1,997 one time payment
  2. Split it into 3 payments of $767 totaling to $2,301

Also, you are backed by a 30-Day money back guarantee.

My Final Opinion of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

It’s a great product if you have the money to put out but it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to peel an orange. There are Many programs out today that over just as good of content and values to adhere to.

I even truly believe you can learn all you need to know how to get started just by watching YouTube videos. But I completely understand that having someone who’s already achieved success pave you a step by step path to follow is much simpler.

Heck! It’s what I’ve done but if you want something a lot less pricy then check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery at a Glance…

Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery


Price: $1,997 split in 3 payments of $767

Owners: Stefan James Pylarinos

Overall Rank: 88 out of 100


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