Quit 9to5 Academy Review- High price, High reward?

By | March 27, 2019
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Before you consider buying always read the Disclaimer!!! You’ll get a less hyped up view of what’s being offered.

Name: Quit 9 to 5 Academy
Website: https://quit9to5academy.com/
Price: $2,497
Owners: Mark Ling, Nick Torson & Max Sylvestre
Overall Rank: 91 out of 100

Quit 9to5 Academy, Product Overview

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The course is created by Mark Ling and headed up by Nick Torson & Max Sylvestre. All very successful online entrepreneurs that are willing to share their wisdom and experience with you so you can have the same.

The course is based around the very simple concept of making money online:

  1. Learn from the best
  2. Join Affiliate Networks
  3. Find the Right Products
  4. Promote those Products through free or paid traffic
  5. Track Sales
  6. Earn Commissions

This battle-tested formula has made the creators of Quit 9 to 5 Academy substantially wealthy. Now let us dive deeper into the rest of my Quit 9 to 5 Academy review.

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The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Guided by professionals the entire way to success
PRO #2 – You will be able to quit your 9 to 5 job

200% money back guarantee stamp

PRO #3 – NOT only is it a 30-Day money back guarantee, but they will refund DOUBLE your entrance fee if you’re not able to make sales… Yes, you heard correct 200%RFUND!

The Bad:

CON #1 – Holy Smokes the Price is up there!

Who is Quit 9to5 Academy For?

This is clearly targeting the everyday 9 to 5 workforce looking to quit their job and make money from home through building a business online.

The course is built in a way that can cater to both advanced marketers and beginner marketers. As the experienced affiliate marketing coaches hold your hand the whole way through answering any and all questions you could possibly have. You will be guided and encouraged without falter to not stop until you achieve your goals.  

Quit 9to5 Academy Tools & Training

Quit 9to5 Academy packages

Q9to5A is made up of just 6 modules containing over 50 video lessons and 20+ hrs of content.

Module One – This module will start out with the basics of starting your online career by teaching concepts like tracking, modeling, promotion, and affiliate marketing.

Module Two – Here you will find all the tips and secrets to creating ads on Facebook. Mark Ling brings you to a whole new level of understanding how to convert sales using Facebooks widely popular platform.

Module Three – The third module teaches you about scaling your business through the importance of keeping proper track of your data. You will learn how to use those reports to grow your business starting with an in-depth study into facebooks analytics program.

Module Four – Here you will further your methods of ad construction. This module is essential to know how to spot a high converting ad and what to do with it once you’ve found it. Specifically, they will teach you to scale and verify those high converting ads using a 15-50% scaling rule.

Module Five – Now your diving into more advanced concepts such as messenger automation, retargeting and custom audiences.

Module Six – The final module introduces manual bidding and another scaling rule “the 20% scaling formula”. You will know how to make substantial profits by applying these concepts to your businesses.

There is Bonus material that can be added if you sign up now!

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  • Weekly Funnel Hacking
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Master Classes
  • Pre-Made Presell Pages
  • Winning Campaigns
  • Secrets to Improving Your Credit Score

Each of these bonus courses is designed to give you a real world head start on reaching your marketing goals.

Quit 9to5 Academy Training coaches

The videos are done by Mark Ling but you will be able to contact a wide range of marketing professionals.

Chief among these specialists will be Nick Torson & Max Sylvestre.

Nick Torson & Max Sylvestre.

You will also be accepted into an exclusive facebook group where you will be able to ask questions day or night.

Quit 9to5 Academy Price

2 options of payments and no hidden fees or upsells. (I’m not entirely sure if the website costs are included with this package)

Option 1 – Full $2,497 upfront
Option 2 – 3 payments of $997

Quit 9to5 Academy payment options

Their is a third option as well:

PayPal Credit– where you can hold off on paying and no interest will be added to your account.

Quit 9to5 Academy option 3

My Final Opinion of Quit 9to5 Academy

I’m sure Marks did a great job making this course as fast-tracked as possible. I just find it unnecessary to fork over that type of money with all the Free information available on the internet today.

If Mark Ling puts his name on something you know it will be a quality proven method for success. So what’s a couple thousand for financial freedom… Huh?

Anyways hope you’ve enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Feel free to Like, Subscribe, Comment, and all that jazz. I’ll see you on the next one  

Quit 9to5 Academy at a Glance…

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Name: Quit 9to5 Academy
Website: https://quit9to5academy.com/
Price: $2,497
Owners: Mark Ling, Nick Torson & Max Sylvestre
Overall Rank: 91 out of 100


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