Is My Home Success Plan for real?

By | March 19, 2019
A review of My Home Success Plan

I found this company searching around for how to make money online and this sounded like an intriguing opportunity.

Luckily I’ve been working on learning the ins and outs of online sales for some time now and if you’re reading this post that means you have some wits about you to check on a product before you buy it.

So is My Home Success Plan for real? Oh, they will for real take your money and give you something in return but it’s not going to be like how they let on.

If you would like to take a look into more about what makes their site one of those scam sites to watch out for then I will break it down in this article.

Name: My Home Success Plan
Price: $97
Owners: —–
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Summary: My Home Success Plan offers you a plan to make 397/day just by posting links an hour a day. There are fairytale claims of success created by the orchestrators to draw customers into believing they have the push button system and it’s only going to cost you $97 to have financial freedom. I’ve found this program to be riddled with the indicators of a scam.

My Home Success Plan, Product Overview

This product starts off with a story about a woman named April Matthews. Divorced mother of 2 who’s seen all the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck.

Now her life is turned around because of a man she met in a doctors office urged her to check this website out. And within just 3 months only working 1-4 hours a day she was making more than both her jobs combined!

Ohhh how sweet it sounds….

When you fork out the $97 dollars you will gain access to their link posting program which will come out to look a lot like the sites they already have. They claim if you put just an hour a day in you will be making 397 dollars per day in as little as 3 months.

Posting Links is not Affiliate Marketing

This is what happens when you take an industry like affiliate marketing and exploit the simplicity of posting links on a website to make money.

It may seem that way and if you know anything about affiliate marketing then you know that 1-4 hours a day in your first couple of months will give you financial success is a complete farce.

It’s much more complicated than that and requires diligent consistent hard work.

Exposing the Backstory

If you’ve read some of my other posts of avoiding scams than you will know some of the signs to look for.

First off it’s convenient that it took her 3 months to find success with a program that has a 60-Day money back guarantee. Just saying…

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Quick Google Search

If you take the image they give you on their site and paste it in google you will find many other sites use this same image. Exposing April Matthews as a fake persona.

image search of family picture

Scams are not at all above these tactics of creating a fake back story to lure the reader into purchasing their product.

Fake News broadcasts

If you notice when you first visit one of their landing pages they have a bunch of top news Icons in the top right-hand corner.

News icons on websites page

They are there to lead you to believe they’ve been broadcasted on several news outlets but if you look closer it’s only promoting success stories from anybody working at home.

woman in news video

When you watch the rather old and outdated video testimonies from the people they don’t mention anything about My Home Success Plan being the cause of their success.

Limited Time Claim Your Spot NOW- red flag

claim your spot

If you see anyone turn down $97 because they are too full online somehow, please let me know because they might actually have the push button to success and I want in…

That’s not the case with My Home Success Plan they’ve had the same hurry up sign up now to claim your spot for there are only 115 spots left for well over a year that I know of.

115 stops left

Riddled with Red Flags

Red flags on my home success plan logo

Red Flag #1-They tell you a lot more about why you need this program to make money than what you’ll actually be doing once you’ve paid for the product.

Red Flag #2- No owners to be found

Red Flag #3- 60-Day money Back guarantee they will drag you along the con for at least 2 months

Red Flag #4- Success from just from copying and pasting links on a website is unrealistic.

Red Flag #5- They actually tell you the site may be taken down so hurry up and sign up.

Important notice site may be taken down soon

My Conclusion

If it’s now evident by now, then I’ll tell you My Home Success Plan is a scam. It has all the classic signs of a scam and if it walks like a scam, talks like a scam, it’s likely a……

After visiting this site and doing my due diligence researching what this company was about. Seeing the tactics they use to lure customers are on the shady side to say the least.

What amazes me is that I guess they haven’t technically broken any laws because this site is nothing new.

I don’t understand how it’s still allowed to pray on the poor souls that get sucked into that kind of gig.

Well that’s why there are sites like mine to help spread the word.

And if your still interested in chasing the almighty online dollar then I can make a recommendation of what I’m doing and how I’ve gotten this far.

Name: My Home Success Plan
Price: $97
Owners: —–
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100


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2 thoughts on “Is My Home Success Plan for real?

  1. suzanne

    Hi, and thanks for outing this product.

    I know you can’t technically call it a scam because there is information received for your money. But wow, this one is close. It’s a shame they get away with this.

    These products are pumped out in a monthly fashion, just to make the owner some quick money. And when it no longer produces money, they close down the website and start another. It’s criminal in my mind, lol.

    I glad to see you informing your readers. The quicker you get the reviews out, the more people you’ll help.


    1. MJ Post author

      That’s all it takes to put people like this out of business is a little research from the customer. The smarter we are without money the more fun we will have. Thanks Suzanne!



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