How to get comments for your website? Google Loves Comments

By | March 21, 2019
google hearts comments

When it comes to ranking in Google there are hundreds if not thousands of tips that can be offered and each inching you closer to the 1st page of Google.

Satisified User

Above anything else though, search engines want their users to be happy.

When someone is searching around on Google and they come across a page that fulfilled their purpose in such a way they must comment and interact with the person behind the post.

That’s the matching program search engines are trying to accomplish when writing their algorithms.

And if you can make that happen on your page climbing the ranks will come naturally.

That’s not to say that the rest of the SEO tips go out the door but if you’re getting more of your readers to engage in your content, then you will have a much better edge than a competitor that’s done all the keyword research in the world.

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So how to get comments for your website?

Paying it Forward

It can be really hard especially in the beginning to get your readers to take time out of their day and post a small 150 character comment.

I’ve found that going to other sites that you visit and dropping a comment will go a long way. It’s you getting your name out there.

If people see you over and over again engaging in similar interests they’ll get curious and want to check out what it is you have to say.  Then, if they like what they see there’re more likely to talk back.

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Friends and Family

Now obviously this is a simple one but it can help jump-start interest. Asking your family members or friends to post a comment can pay off in the long run.

When readers come to your page and see a bunch of people already commenting on your post they will be much more likely to want to join the conversation.

Reply to ALL

Make sure you reply to all of those who left a comment and within a reasonable amount of time. I tend to have a reply ready in the first 24 hours.

This should leave you more than a sufficient amount of time to get back to your readers.

Keep Calm Kids

Also, if someone has left you a demeaning comment it can look really good if you reply with a level head so don’t be so quick to throw those comments away.

Now there are acceptions, someone may be lashing out so it’s not necessary to even bother approving their comment. By all means, feel free to discard their negativity if you feel its warranted.

Reply leaving a question

WOW! Great someone has left you a comment and you’ve replayed within a reasonable period of time but now try to keep the conversation going.

This can be best achieved by asking your reader a question within your reply. Preferably something relevant to the topic you wrote about… Not “How’s your mom?”

She’s doing great by the way. (:

Ask your reader to leave a comment

Care to comment question mark

Lastly, be sure to add a quick “feel free to leave a comment” at the end of your post.

After someone has finished reading your article and they’ve enjoyed what you’ve said then it’s pretty likely they won’t mind dropping a comment but if you didn’t ask they might not have thought about it all. It’s that simple.

You never know it could be someone just like you looking to pay it forward.


All SEO is good to know and there’s many entreprenuers out there making a good living at doing just that. But it’s much more effective to have engaging content. This can take some time and practice to accomplish. Unlike some of you who where born writers… Myself not included…

One step at a time is all it takes in web building but it’s nice to learn some tricks to help speed things up along the way. Hope you’ve found this to be helpful and if you did FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!! (:

Bonus TIP

yellow star

Wealthy affiliates have a “Give and Take” comment platform where you can exchange comments with people. I’ve found the platform to be absolutely invaluable.

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