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By | March 16, 2019

When I first started it was a big decision between Hostgator and Godaddy for me but because I already bought my domain name Godaddy was who I started with.

But Hostgator has gotten a lot cheaper since then from the looks of it I remember it being closer to 7-8 bucks a month now it’s a low $2.75. With a 3 year commitment that is. I don’t think they had that promotion when I was first looking at them.

Name: HostGator
Price:  $2.75
Owners: Endurance International Group
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

HostGator, Product Overview

Just like Bluehost they are the biggest and probably the most well known hosting companies out there today.

Interestingly enough they are also owned by the same company Endurance International Group.

HostGator has been around for about 10 years now and in the past year or so they’ve drastically improved their services such as uptime, pagespeed and technical support. Making HostGator a valueable hosting company.

Without further ado, let’s get in an check out what Host Gator has to offer.

The Good & the Bad

gold level scale

The Good:

PRO #1 Slightly cheaper than Bluehost
PRO #2 NO Moving Fees!
PRO #3 99% Uptime
PRO #4 Lots of nice freebies with their plans: SSL, domain, web builder, and Google AdWords credits

The Bad:

CON #1 Must commit long term to reap the discounts
CON #2 Slower site speed than Bluehost

Who is HostGator for?

Whether your starting out in the industry or have been paying hosting companies many years, you’ll find Hostgator provides a suitable environment for both beginner and advanced web developers.

They offer simple to use tools for building websites. This is good to have everything all in one place for beginners to ge a handle of what to expect going forward.

Advanced users also have the ability to check out their VPS servers and even dedicated hosting for more powers and control.

Page Speed and Uptime

Uptime is how available you site will be and 99% of the time is a pretty standard expectation of hosting companies. This is important for obvious reasons because Time is Money.

What they don’t take into account with Uptime is how well your site is performing or how fast your user can move on you site.

Your site may be available but if it’s taking a long time to load your users will have a much higher chance of leaving. Hostgator’s average page speed is between 800-1000ms, (Bluehost is around 300-500ms.)

Web Builder

Easy drag and drop builder for your website that comes as an added bonus when you sign up under any of their hosting platforms.

(Usually a $4 per month expense)

HostGator Support

Another huge improvement to their service is customer support.

  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Forums
  • Live Chat

Now having a live chat group with great response time makes for a much smoother resolution when it comes to problems with your website.

Whether you don’t even know what uptime is or you have advanced questions, Hostgator will be able to accommodate your needs

HostGator Price

  • Hatchling plan ($2.75)
  • Baby Plan ($3.75)
  • Business Plan ($5.95)

All very resonable hosting prices. As I’ve said before you will be expected to commit for 3 years.

My Final Opinion of HostGator

final opnion of hostgator

Very reliable company that’s been around a long time and continues to make improvements to their product is a pretty good standard to keep.

They lead a lot of companies in page speed and uptime but I would have to choose Bluehost over them.

Hostgator has many more perks added to their plans and are a great company I just have to say bluehost’s performance is better.

But… If your new and starting out you may not have to worry so much about performance in the beginning so having those extra perks instead may be better for you to choose them over Bluehost. Just my 2 Cents

Choose HostGator!

HostGator at a Glance…

Name: HostGator


Price:  $2.75

Owners: Endurance International Group

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


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