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By | January 15, 2019



Welcome to 007Affiliate! Where the Bulls Eye is Hit every time!

I am excited to have you with me today. I want to discuss loads of information as you make your way.

First, a little about myself and how I can help you hit your target.  

Hi, my name is Mascal I want to talk to you about creating a business online. I too have been working toward this goal for years.

I’ve finally managed to carve out the time in my life required to begin building my online business.

My First Try 

My 1st attempt to build a website started just after high school. I dove right into web building, and bought my first domain name from GoDaddy.

Well that was the easy step.

More recently again I began searching how to actually build a website and getting swamped with information. I managed to figure out the best platform for web building is WordPress.

WordPress offers a multitude of videos and a fairly easy dashboard to navigate. I launched myself into working with it solo for a couple of months. However, I found it difficult to get exactly what I wanted without exceeding my budget. At the time I budgeted about $15-20 dollars a month. Unfortunately, my site was not coming along fast enough to provide adequate cash flow. I was unable to make a living using the self-taught method of web design and affiliate marketing via WordPress.

A Little Older and A Little Wiser

Fast Foward about 8 years I managed to get another chance to set my sight on the bullseye and carve out a niche in affiliate marketing.  

I know the value of hard work and I can see that adding multiple streams of income is a necessity for getting ahead. So I returned to the internet to find ways to build a variety of income producing businesses.This time a little older and a little wiser.

I searched for a training program to expedite building my small business moving forward. I studied dozens of programs in the affiliate training industry, listing the pros and cons of each. One began to stand head and shoulders above all the others.

This program offers free training for the first 7 days. After that introduction, they offer an upgrade. If you’ve taken an interest in what the training courses have to offer.

I’ve taken the 7-day trial and was impressed with how easy they made it to get a website up and running. What took me months to do before I did in one weekend.

It’s now been 4 months that I will be with this program. They’ve helped me:

  • build out my website
  • get ranked in google
  • Generate FREE traffic from SEO & Social Media
  • Join affiliate networks
  • And begin working on my 2nd website

I find myself excited to work every day on a business that’s mine. It’s become more of a pleasure than work.  

Why Do I Want To Help You

Helping you, helps everybody because you can help people too.

I truly do believe in building a network of people helping one another. When we come together as a community it makes all the difference in the world. Working side by side with like-minded people especially in such a vast relm as the internet is priceless.

Not one person better than another but each one of us having our own valueable input towards the same cause…

…To Become financially Free!!

It is also very important to understand we must work hard to get there. Sure it’s an easy path to get started just look at all the websites out there that tell you. It’s whether or not you can continue down that path that separates you from the others. 

007Affiliate.com works hard right along side you. 

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mascal Milligan


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