A Udemy Course Review-Become a Super Affiliate

By | January 31, 2019
The truth about the Udemy course

A Udemy Course Review

(Not A Review of Udemy.com only ONE of the many courses they offer)

Name: Affiliate Marketing Domination: Become a super affiliate

Website: https://www.udemy.com/affiliate-marketing-domination-become-a-super-affiliate

Price: $199.99

Owners: Bali, Caglar, Biyani

Overall Rank: 73 out of 100

Udemy is a portal to all kinds of education. Not just affiliate marketing. The lesson I want to talk about today is Affiliate Marketing Domination: Become a super affiliate.

To truly become a super affiliate you will be learning every day. There’s a lot to cover if you want to keep up so education is paramount to your success.

It’s less about finding a push-button-system like it’s portrayed in most youtube videos and more about the daily grind, all the way up until you’ve built your own “push button”.

Allow me to show you a quick overview of what to expect from this lesson provided by the education platform Udemy.   

Become a super affiliate, Product Overview

In 5 hours of video, you are going to cover a pretty broad overview of dominating the affiliate markets.

They will explain the basic steps like picking a profitable niche, finding a trustworthy affiliate program, and drive traffic through social media.

This is all without a doubt true and accurate informatio but the same information can be found for free from other means on the internet.

The Good & the Bad


PRO #1 – Correct Start
PRO #2 – 30-day money back guarantee
PRO #3 – 1000s of more courses to choose from


CON #1 – Most all courses cost money
CON #2 – No support
CON #3 – Won’t become a Super Affiliate from 1 course

Who is “Become a Super Affiliate” For?

“No prior knowledge required, all you need is the internet and an open mind.”

Master It

It’s for someone who is brand new to affiliate marketing, no website, nothing.

Here you will begin to get an idea of what to expect if you stay the course.

It’s also for someone that’s been dabbling in affiliate marketing but hasn’t had the proper introduction to starting their business correctly. You will be shown some of the miss-steps you’ve taken

I think it’s better for the person that has a site already built but has not monetized it the right way. They have some good info for where you should have started which will likely get you to buy more courses.  

Become a Super Affiliate Tools & Training

Before you purchase the course you are able to preview some of the lessons for free.

Course previews

If you’ve bought the course you will be given access to:

  • 5 hours of on-demand video
  • 35 downloadable resources
  • 2 articles and several assignments

The videos are done by “Master It”. They are a group of instructors claiming to teach a tested and perfected method of affiliate marketing.

The 5 hours are comprised of 42 lectures, each a few minuets a piece.

I’ve heard some of the video content can be considered filler and redundant.

Affiliate Marketing Domination:Become a Super Affiliate Support

Support clipart

Not much for support here you are buying the lectures not much else.

Support will come from the Udemy platform. Where you can submit your question along with your email address if you’re not signed up already.

Even then they will not be the same instructors who made this course and will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

You can send a message to one of the instructors at Master It who I’m sure will be happy to reply but no promise of what time you will receive an answer.

Affiliate Marketing Domination:Become a Super Affiliate Price

Money Sign

Udemy is made of 100,000s of courses each ranging in prices from $0-200.

There’s a promotional sale going on right now for 95% off.

You can purchase the course for $9.99 as of Jan30 1 day left on the sale

Originally claiming to be worth $199.99.

This is subject to change Udemy runs lots of promotions saying you have limited time to purchase. When it’s likely this course is going to stay between 10-15 dollars.

My Final Opinion of “Become a super affiliate”

After you’ve spent the money and the proper time with this course then maybe you will have taken A STEP in the right direction but you are going to need A LOT more to be a Super Affiliate.

If you were hoping this is all the education you’ll need in order to build that push-button system then I’m sorry to say it’s not.

For me, the way Udemy teaches it’s not a do-able way to start out. It’s all pre-recorded lectures and articles with little to no real human activity.

I like that I can always talk to someone about what I’m learning at my current platform.

By the time you start to really get a grasp of affiliate marketing, you will likely have bought all their courses at 10 dollars a piece which is going to cost thousands of dollars. (That’s if the 95% off promo is still going on)

If you ever decide to buy one of Udemy’s courses check out what coupons the internet has to offer first. There’re a great many with a quick Google search.

Of the 3 reviews I’ve done so far, this is my least favorite means of education for the beginner marketer. I have a few of those other means I was talking about if you would like to check out my other reviews they are… Here WealthyAffiliate and Here Affilorama

Affiliate Marketing Domination at a Glance…

Name: Udemy

Bitmoji Just my 2 Cents

Website: https://www.udemy.com/affiliate-marketing-domination-become-a-super-affiliate/

Owners: Bali, Caglar, Biyani

Price: $199.99

Overall Rank: 78 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT – Yes, just not worth the money

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16 thoughts on “A Udemy Course Review-Become a Super Affiliate

  1. Todd P Matthews

    I do think this course plays second fiddle to Wealthy Affiliate. Super Affiliate seems like one of those cheap knockoff brands of the real deal, but in this case is a separate entity. The lack of support would turn me off. While the program seems legit and decent, there are better programs to turn to, one of them being Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      Yes, this course Udemy sells is just a quick lesson that would give you an introduction into affiliate marketing. But leave you wanting more once you finished as I’m sure it’s designed to do.

  2. Catherine

    Wow, you do make some very valid points here.
    The information and comparison are laid out perfectly and definitely, shows valid difference’s in the type of training per value points.
    I also agree with the final choice.
    Great article

    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      Thanks, Catherine! I’ve found this course to be lacking what it’s title insinuates but as advertisements go they make it sound good and leave you wanting more. Just not what I felt is worth the time. You can get a lot of what they offer for free with WealthyAffiliates

  3. Derek Marshall

    This is actually something that concernes me a little bit about the Udemy Course – why the hiding behind what looks like unreal names?

    If they are legitimate experts the would not be shy about using their full name for us all to search and check for. After careful consideration – I do think the wealthy Affiliate is the better option given the trainers reputation in the industry and being fully tooled up – which after spending $200 on Udemy we would still have to go out and get.

    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      Exactly if you spend 200 on what amounts to 5 hours of video and a few articles there’s no contest. I can maybe see buying it at the 10 bucks but I already know that even if you did exactly what they said to a T they won’t make you a super affiliate by the time you’re finished with the course.


  4. Jose Reyes

    What’s up you Mascal,

    I have some prior knowledge, or at least awareness of Udermy and its apps of courses. From a perspective of someone that is barely starting to learn about Udermy, it all seems legit and it is, but not only does it require some extensive reading as well-

    It doesn’t give you any point or guidance to as much as show you how it’s done rather than “talking” to you about how it’s done!

    It’s cool and all, but you wont have someone there walking you through every step in the process as they build a business from scratch!

    Great post, thank you for further opening my eyes about Udermy, Wealthy Affiliate sure is an awesome community with an independent institutional feel to their university.

    I had been a Premium Member since May ’18 and never looked back ever since I had met the most real, visually appealing, comprehensive and fun kind of education that I know I couldn’t find anywhere else!

    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      Haha, I see what you did there Cuervo!

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve done lots of research and continue to on the best programs to help others with their decision into what group to join.

      That’s how I feel about the Udemy. While I’m sure they have they have some nuggets tucked away you have to do some sifting in order to find them. Also, it’s not the only industry Udemy focuses on I know it may be for the educators that created the course but I’d sooner put my money where I know the people publishing the teaching are keeping up with the times.

      Thanks for your interest and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

      Best of luck to you!


  5. Stephen

    Great info on Become a Super Affiliate. The course sounds interesting. Learning with the video sounds okay, but going through a bunch of downloaded courses without immediate support sounds a bit boring for me.
    I wish there’s a live chat platform, just like in some other program where you can ask some questions and get answers within few minutes.

    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve found the live chat to be the best place to get answers to my questions. I’ve never been the one to wait 24 hours or even longer to get an answer sent to my email. Usually by that time I’ve found the answer to my question.

      Happy to help if you have any other questions I can send you an email within 24 hours. hehehe (: … No, I will do my best to get to you before then.


  6. Honor C Bright

    Your 007affiliate.com name grabbed my attention. I’d heard of Udemy – your explanation of it as a portal clarrifeid things.
    I did not know Udemy offered Affiliate Marketing training. I’d not buy their training because of no support.
    The FREE preview and access to KEYWORD research, and SUPPORT, lead me to try out Wealthy Affiliates. And I’ve found WA a safe, helpful, but progressive, community for a newbie.

    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      I’ve found the same to be true. Glad I could help and yes the course may be worth 10 dollars. Certainly not worth $199. Plus that’s not all you’re going to be spending if your plan is to become a super affiliate.

  7. Louise Barry-Taylor

    Thank you for this review – the name “Super Affiliate” caught my attention because I am keen to participate in the Super Affiliate training at Wealthy Affiliate – which is only recommended to do once you have completed all the training offered in Affiliate Bootcamp (some 70 lessons if memory serves me correctly and takes some people, more than 5 months to do!). The minute I saw how little time Udemy’s Super Affiliate training takes – a mere few hours! – I knew we were not comparing apples with apples. This may be a great way to gain a quick peek at what affiliate marketing is, but only at the $9.99 price.
    Just goes to show, it is always worth doing your research before parting with your card details for an online training course. Thank goodness for 007affiliate.com!

    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      That was my thoughts exactly Louise! The 10 bucks is likely worth it but don’t get your hopes up thinking all your going to have to spend is 10 bucks in order to “Become A Superaffiliate”. Good sales though and that’s the stuff you should be learning.

      Thanks for the kind words


    1. Mascal Milligan Post author

      Like I say in the article that’s with 95% discount. Originally they quote the course being worth $199. Whether or not they run a discount year is up to them. I’ve noticed that they use limited time on the price tactic to lure into buying now.

      When I first researched this course I only had a week to buy it at $9.99. They made sure let me know too. But if I were to go look now I’m sure it will have that same “BIG” discount. So not inflated just discounted.

      All the best Daniel!



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